Hey, guys, so you may have noticed or may not, but I’m not as passionate for tvd as I was before since a long time now. This has different reasons.
I can’t effort time into two blogs anymore when I don’t feel for both in the same way, I hope you can understand this somehow.
I will only be keeping this one as an archive. So it’s totally fine if you unfollow and you can find me here.

And thanks guys for following, and for making tumblr great :)


TO ladies + hair - Rebekah Mikaelson (Season 1A)


Merry Christmas! 

Fangirl Challenge: [1/15] families;
» Mikaelson siblings

’I am lost, I’m no guide…but I’m by your side.  I am right by your side’

Elijah Mikaelson | 2x20 - The Last Day


"There is no power in love."


all credits by edition for Karla. Follow her. xx

So this is our follow forever 2013 and we want to say thank you to these people. In different ways every single one made our days better and better this year. 

We love you and Happy Holidays everyone! ♥ 

Becky - Carol - Cat - Dani - Elle - Gabriella - Janice - Lara - Mariana - Maya - Roxy - Sara - Saskia - Uma - Victor

wow, thank you so much! & merry christmas <3